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indoor commercial playground equipmentIndoor Commercial Playground Equipment

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Indoor playgrounds are unique and a great idea for commercial owners, and daycares. If you have enough room to entertain your kids indoors invest in some indoor playground equipment. This will keeps kids having fun, dry and safe! We have everything any indoor playground owner needs. Check out our wide selection of commercial playground equipment. Anything from contained structures, plastic structures, tricycles, play tables, stack blocks and vinyl equipment! Manufactured at the highest standards, this industrial strength equipment can help build any indoor playground. The posts are made from 50% recycled steel and plastic material is also made from recycled materials. We can sell our indoor products, along with everything else, anywhere in the US so give a call for scheduling and ordering today! Smaller items ship easily through UPS, making online ordering a breeze. Browse our selection of commercial playground equipment. Indoor contained structures are great for indoor play areas that need to make use of space. The kids will have a blast with these themed structures. Have a little bit more room? Consider investing in a fleet of tricycles for the kids to ride. They’ll have a great time racing and riding around the room indoors! Maybe you’d like more typical structures for your indoor play area. Take a look at our plastic structures. This equipment is smaller than their outdoor counterparts, but are just as much fun! Take a look at our selection below.

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indoor playground mushroom kottage
Indoor Playground Equipment: Mushroom Kottage

indoor contained play structures
Indoor Playground Equipment: Contained Play

indoor tricycles
Indoor Playground
Tricycles & Trikes

sand and water tables
Indoor Playground
Sand & Water Tables

 Hours of fun with
sand & H20.

adventure table
Indoor Playground
Adventure Table

indoor plastic structures
Indoor Playground
Plastic Structures

stack blocks
Indoor Playground
Stack Blocks


Mats and Gym Mats

Indoor Playground
& Gym Mats

indoor baby buggies
Indoor Playground
Baby Buggies

indoor classroom furniture
Indoor Playground

Note: Although we make every effort to list current pricing on this website, pricing can be subject to change without notice. Current pricing shall be confirmed at the time orders are placed. Also, appearances may differ slightly from the pictures shown on this website.

We also sell indoor playground equipment through IndoorPlayUSA.

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