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Playground Equipment Commercial Structures
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commercial playground equipmentPlayground equipment for commercial settings comes in a wide range of complex designs. Our commercial playground equipment and complex play structures covers all your kids' needs, from one platform units to colossal, multi-level structures that cover entire play areas. This playground equipment is manufactured by the industry's leading producers of playground equipment. Custom designs are available for many of our commercial playground structures, created by a licensed playground technician and inspector. If you're looking for recycled equipment, you should know that the steel used in these structures is generally 50% recycled steel, and the plastics are also recycled. When you buy our playground equipment items, you receive complete support from us after purchase. For more information on the playground equipment, call us at 1-877-840-0707. Please note that prices shown do not include shipping or installation. Click here for SportsPlay unit color selections for plastics and posts.

Commercial Play Structures :: By Age Group
Playground equipment and outdoor play structures
Ages 2 to 5 Years
For pre-school ages
commercial playground equipment
Ages 5 to 12 years
For school-age children

Playground equipment and outdoor play structures
Ages 2 to 12 years
All-ages structures

  Playground equipment and outdoor play structures
Ages 6 months to 2 years
For toddlers only
Commercial Play Structures :: Additional Varieties
Plastic playground structure, plastic play equipment
Plastic Fun Centers

Roto-molded plastic structures for ages 2 - 5. Outdoor & indoor use. Made in USA.
Playground equipment and outdoor play structures
Light Commercial

Basic play structures for
ages 2 - 12. Made in USA.

Playground equipment and outdoor play structures
No-Concrete Structures
Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, Swing belt seats with triangles.These 3 play structures attach to the ground with spikes, not concrete. Posts measure 3-1/2 inch diam.

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Construction and Installation

In the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan area, we furnish and install playground equipment. We can also move existing equipment, and demolish obsolete, dangerous playgrounds. Other related services include grading, drainage, resilient surfacing, borders, and retaining walls.






commercial playground equipment and swingset parts

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