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Outdoor Play Table
This Adventure Table is just one of the range of commercial playground structures and equipment that we offer to your school, daycare, or church commercial playground, from leading manufacturers.

Adventure Table

Kids with their imagination make outdoor play tables as incredibly popular item! These adventure tables allow kids allow kids to use all their surroundings by climbing underneath and through these fun structures. Kids will feel like they are exploring uncharted territory with their friends in the safety of your playground. This unique outdoor table fires up any child's imagination and provides an added element to any play area. Add a sense of exploration to any school, daycare, and church, commercial or residential playground with these adventure tables.

A molded tower caps this structure off at the top with mountains regions at either end. There is a small tunnel that children can crawl through underneath. This adventure table sets the stage for any imaginative child playing with toys. Kids will have a blast with this outdoor play table.

Colors available: tan granite or gray granite only. 

Adventure Table (Part# ADV-1) $1,177.00

Playground Equipment - Adventure Table
outdoor play table adventure table outdoor play table adventure table

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