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Please note that we have discontinued use of rubber mulch on playgrounds, due to safety concerns. But it's still available for other purposes.

PLAYGROUND SURFACING Synthetic Rubber "Tire" Mulch

Synthetic rubber tile playground surfacing.Quality
Synthetic rubber mulch is the highest rated resilient surfacing for falls, by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Contrary to the nickname "tire mulch," our rubber mulch is not made from motor vehicle tires. Instead, it's made from recycled rubber. Please note that we have discontinued the use of rubber mulch on playgrounds, due to safety concerns. But it's still available for other purposes.

Colors Available
Colors include blue, red, green, brown, or cypress.

Rubber mulch is highly resistant for falls. It's also cleaner than safety woodchips, because it is non-organic and therefore discourages wildlife. There are no possible splinters, either, like you find with organic resilient surfacing.

Rubber mulch is considerably more expensive than safety woodchips and engineered wood fiber. Because it's lightweight, rubber mulch may blow away in windy conditions. And in hot, sunny weather, the mulch absorbs the sunlight, increasings its temperature.

Please note that we usually only sell rubber mulch in quantities of 20 or more cubic yards. We only sell it for non-playground purposes.

We install rubber mulch surfacing in the Maryland - Washington, DC - Virginia area.
Because of safety concerns, we don't sell or install rubber mulch on playgrounds. But we do sell it for other purposes.

For more information on rubber "tire" mulch surfacing, please phone us at 1-877-840-0707 TOLL FREE or 1-301-840-0707 locally.

Calculate Your
Rubber Mulch Needs!

What are the dimensions of your playground (in feet)?

Length: feet
Width: feet

How many inches (in height) of rubber mulch do you want to put on your playground?
(The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a minimum of 4 inches.)

Desired depth:
(in inches)

You need cubic yards.
Note: Each cubic yard covers a space 10' x 10' with 3 inches of material.

Resilient Surfacing
Installation Tips

Resilient surfacing should be placed around stationary playground equipment at a 6 foot or greater radius, more at the end of slides.

Swings need resilient surfacing to a distance of twice the height of the swing beam in front and behind the swing, plus the normal 6 ft at the ends. Example: A swing with an 8 ft high swing beam would need 16 feet clear in front and behind, for a total of 32 feet in the direction of the swing path.

For more information, consult the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Handbook for Playground Safety (.PDF file, opens with Adobe Reader).





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